Lib Dems – The Nasty Party. Andrew Reeves on Mark Jones

This excuse for a human Andrew Reeves should apologise for his sad and  disgraceful post. In it he has this to say about the fact that Mark Jones the Tory PPC for Aberdeen South has resigned because of the ill-health of his Mother.

In today’s Press and Journal they cover the story in full, however it has come out of the blue because his campaign manager didn’t even know.

Frank Webster, who helped run Mr Jones’s campaign, was surprised when the Press and Journal told him of his decision to stand down.

Maybe just maybe Mr Jones has a little bit more to think of in his life than politics, Mr Reeves. You should show some compassion to a fellow politician.

By the way the rest of his post is utter garbage and is typical Lib Dem bar chartery.

Andrew Reeves’ Running Blog – but what am I running for…..: Aberdeen South Conservative candidate Mark Jones quits.

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