Ross Kemp returns to Helmand

Members of Whiskey Company, 45 Commando Royal Marines, and the Afghan Uniform Police at the handover of Checkpoint Meelet, Nad 'Ali (South)

‘Ross Kemp: Back On The Frontline’ starts on Sky1 at 2100hrs GMT tonight 14th November 2011.

Expressing firm opinions on why the Taliban should be given air time he adds:

“There is no way that the solution to Afghanistan will come at the end of a rifle. It will come through negotiations and undoubtedly the Taliban have to be involved, so the sooner we start listening to what they believe, what they want, the sooner we will hopefully come to a settlement. They weren’t clich├ęs. They have beards and they wear black turbans but they are all individuals.”

Kemp also believes that no-one should be thinking about trying to turn Afghanistan into a completely democracy-embracing country:

“They are Afghans and they live the Afghan way. It will never be the same as ours, and why should it be? But it would be a heck of a waste of time and life if we leave that country and things haven’t improved. But I’m hoping and praying that they will.”

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