A Battle won, but where’s the Victory.

So Panther’s Claw is over and we have won the Battle. The Commander of UK forces in Afghanistan has hailed their latest operation a success, as its first stage draws to a close.

Brig Tim Radford was “cautiously optimistic” about the future but said there was “a long way to go” to improve security in time for elections.

But have we won a Victory in terms of the War or just a little battle, a battle that has cost 20 British Dead, many wounded and who knows what toll on the civilians in the area. Remember this is an area the size of the Isle of Wight which is about 12 mile by 12 miles, hardly an impressive size . We now have to retain the borders of this area and ensure that the civilians can continue to live without interference for the foreseeable future and not just until the elections are over in August.

Until we win the battle for “Hearts and Minds” we will never win the Victory we all desire.

BBC NEWS | World | Afghanistan offensive ‘a success’.

5 thoughts on “A Battle won, but where’s the Victory.”

  1. If i quote the PM on Panthers Claw

    “What we’ve done is push back the Taliban – and what we’ve done also is to start to break that chain of terror that links the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the streets of Britain.”

    Just start to break the chain of terror………..Bulls**t, what you have actually done is increase it.

  2. All we are doing as far as I can see is creating martyrs for the cause and training new insurgents. Where there were one there will be two ready to replace them. We have shuffled them around a bit ready for the next battle.

  3. All we’ve done is prolong the threats to the lives of our children and their children. These people will never forget this action take against them and their present actions plus their ability to regroup regularly makes this war very similar to the Vietnam scenario.

    Chain of terror? That’s 10 Downing Street.

  4. They just don’t have a clue at the moment, I give it 3 months until most of this area is back classed as bandit country, the Taliban have slinked off and will just slink back in when they feel it is safe.

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