When will this stupidity end.

I really don’t know where to start on this subject.

In short people should have respect for each others views across all religions /peoples /communities. The fact that a such few people from all sides can create such a toll in so many countries should nowdays be beyond belief.

Thought I would add this as a good sense look on the whole issue.
Taken from one of the BBC links.

I would like to say that the violence the Muslims are causing is not a part of Islam, and should be stopped and therefore I apologise on behalf of my faith. Emotions can sometimes be uncontrollable however actions can. The Holy Qur’an teaches tolerance, and if something hurts you, you should deal with it in a peaceful manner. The Danish people are not to blame, so the burning of flags is not the proper way of Islam. The papers that published the pictures of Prophet Muhammad should have also realised that this would have hurt many people’s faith and would have definitely caused outrage, regardless of whether they follow Islam or not. Prophet Muhammad was well known for his peaceful behaviour as proved by his biography, but sadly Muslims today have failed to show the rest of the world what Islam really is, and so the wrong impression has been portrayed about our Beloved Prophet. If anything, only the fanaticss should be blamed for the violence but not our Prophet. If only our Prophet was here today, he would have certainly ended all this in the most peaceful manner possible.
Aaliyah, London

12:43 PM

BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Four killed in cartoon protests

Chelsea win League?!

Chelsea have now won the league, at least, according to my brother, Neil


This apparently means that Chelsea have won the English Premiership this year. But the problem is, who cares these days as Chelsea have now become the southern ‘Prawn Sandwich’ nibblers. They shoud really be called Dynamo Chelsea and paly elsewhere.

BBC SPORT | Football | Premiership | Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

BBC ON THIS DAY | 3 | 1966: Soviets land probe on Moon

Amazing to think how far we have come in only 40 years.
Virtually in my own life time we have developed the ability to reach further than our own little planet.

BBC ON THIS DAY 3 1966: Soviets land probe on Moon

And yet despite the advances in the past 40 years we still manage to have disputes in the world like the one below. If we can make so many advances in technology why can’t we also make that little step forward in our dealings with other people / religions /cultures etc.