Stupid drivers forced to display white flags with red cross

The News Biscuit reports on the Flags having to be displayed by “Stupid Drivers” in England.

Under new proposals to improve road safety during the summer season when traffic levels on Britain’s roads peak, the government has rolled out plans under which the stupidest drivers in England will have to identify themselves by displaying distinctive red and white flags on each side of the car. In extreme cases, more than two flags will need to be carried.

‘This is not discrimination, it is common sense,’ said new Transport Minister Norman Baker MP. ‘Some aggressive young men with brains the size of sweetcorn are a dangerous menace on our roads. With this requirement in place, at least other drivers and pedestrians will be able to see them coming.’

Emergency legislation has been brought in to require all those defined as boy racers, pillocks and half-wits to display the flags from today until the end of July. If successful, the safety scheme may be extended indefinitely.

Some commentators have questioned the governments’ legal definition of ’stupid drivers’ which a leaked memo reveals as ‘all builders, scaffolding workers, road diggers and delivery men, and any other male who works with his hands or takes sugar in his tea.’

The devolved Scottish and Welsh governments said that they would not be introducing similar legislation, fearing that it may be counter-productive. When Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond was repeatedly asked if there were any plans to fly flags from vehicles in Scotland this summer, his response was to swear loudly at the English reporter and then attempt to punch him in the face.

In a separate development, the government’s clampdown on loutish behaviour has seen a clampdown targetted at young males wearing football shirts in public. The guidelines caused a delay to the kick off in the England friendly last night after twenty-two men were detained by police in the Wembley area.

Stupid drivers forced to display white flags with red cross | NewsBiscuit.

Peter Sutcliffe – The Yorkshire Ripper – A Reasonable Release?

The Guardian has an article about the possible release of Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper. This man murdered 13 women and attempted the murder of 7 others. He was given 20 life sentences in 1981.

All I can say is that if this man is released my belief in British justice will have finally died.

I was in the Leeds/Sheffield area in the late 70’s and remember the absolute terror this man brought to women all over the area. Normal people were afraid to do normal things like just walk home without fear.

The thought of him being outside of four high walls and able to strike again is beyond belief.

Peter Sutcliffe – a reasonable release? | UK news | The Guardian.

British slider Amy Williams wins Olympic skeleton gold

Gold! Stunning the first individual gold in 30 years has been won by Amy Williams. Well Done!

BBC has this:

Amy Williams won Britain’s first solo Winter Olympics gold medal for 30 years with victory in the women’s skeleton.

The Bath slider, 27, broke her own track record on the way to Team GB’s first medal of the Vancouver Games in a time of three minutes 35.64 seconds.

German Kerstin Szymkowiak was 0.56 seconds behind in silver with her team-mate Anja Huber taking bronze, while GB’s Shelley Rudman finished sixth.

Figure skater Robin Cousins won GB’s last individual gold in 1980.

Williams, who survived a protest against the legality of her helmet, held a substantial 0.30-second overnight lead after setting a track record of 53.83 seconds in her opening run on Thursday.

And she extended that lead to 0.52 seconds with a new track record of 53.68 seconds on the third of her four runs.

Canada’s pre-race favourite Mellisa Hollingsworth was in second going into the final run, but she faltered and fell away to fifth while Williams produced a solid run to hold off the German challenge and take the title.

“It’s crazy,” Williams told BBC Sport.

“I didn’t think I’d be standing here, it’s all such a blur, I can’t remember most of the last run.

“I came out at the bottom and saw our performance director Andi Schmid smiling, so I thought it must be good.

“Before the race I was okay, it was a bit weird as I was on my own in the changing room and didn’t know when to go out.

“I was a bit nervous before it but I thought I’ve got nothing to lose so I thought I’d just go out and enjoy it and it was great.”

Williams’ achievement is all the more remarkable when you consider Britain does not have a skeleton track to train on, apart from a dry starting section near Bath.

BBC Sport – Vancouver 2010 – British slider Amy Williams wins Olympic skeleton gold.

Plain speaking – Australian Style

This comment on Guido’s Scum Gate post amused me. Of course it is totally non-PC and if a Labour or Tory MP said this I would hotly complain (I don’t complain about Lib Dems et al, who cares)


One thing about blokes from Oz is that their hearts and
humor are always in the right place!

T. B. Bechtel, a City Councilor from Newcastle, Australia,
was asked on a local live radio talk show, just what he
thought about the allegations of torture of suspected
terrorists. His reply prompted his ejection from the studio,
but to thunderous applause from the audience.


“If hooking up one raghead terrorist prisoner’s testicles
to a car battery to get the truth out of the lying
little camel shagger will save just one Australian life,
then I have only three things to say,’ ‘Red is positive,
black is negative, and make sure his nuts are wet

P.S. I am not an MP so can be a little less PC in what I say. It’s a life choice thing.

Scum-gate – Guy Fawkes’ blog.

Valentine’s Day 1990

Twenty Years ago was my first Valentines day with my Wife.

In those days she lived in Inverness and I lived in Aberdeen. This meant many hours driving between the two sometimes at some very strange times. What I really needed was a fast car to replace my trusty VW Golf 1300, Instead I married Chris and spent the fast car money on a wonderful honeymoon. One of my better decisions in life.

Tracy Chapman and a few others kept us awake on those journeys and many of those songs are special to us even now, so here is a little taster from those days.

Just noticed this from a couple of years ago when I said:

Way back in the distant past in the years B.C. (Before Chris, my wife) I finally bought a CD player and then had to buy a CD to play on it. My first CD, bought more for the fact that it was Digital Recording,and I wanted to see how a CD could perform, was Tracy Chapman. I had heard the odd snipet of Tracy Chapman before this and thought I would like the CD.

How right I was. I cannot number the times I have listened to this CD. When I met my wife she was living in Inveress and I was in Aberdeen so I spent a fair bit of my life driving up and down the A96 (not a pleasant experience) between the two cities. Much of the time I listened to this CD and this track was perhaps my favourite depending upon the mood I was in, good on the way and bad on the way back.

Anyway enjoy.

P.S. And no to my brother she is not a poor man’s Joan Armatrading.

YouTube – Fast car -Tracy Chapman.

Younger wife for marital bliss

I must at least have some sense since the wife is a more than five years younger than myself  and these days has a good deal more than my share of the brains.

As the BBC says

The secret to a happy marriage for men is choosing a wife who is smarter and at least five years younger than you, say UK experts.

These pairings are more likely to go the distance, particularly if neither has been divorced in the past, according to the Bath University team.

All boxes ticked.

BBC NEWS | Health | ‘Younger wife’ for marital bliss.

Families to sue for forces deaths

Land Rover

The BBC reports that

Four families of servicemen killed in Snatch Land Rovers in Iraq and Afghanistan are to sue the Ministry of Defence, the BBC has learned.

They claim the vehicles are too lightly armoured to cope with the weapons used against them and that the MoD was negligent in allowing their use.

However, the MoD maintains the vehicles are vital equipment and suitable for the jobs they must perform.

Since 2003, some 37 UK personnel have been killed while using the vehicles.

It has been obvious for some time that many of the vehicles that have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan were not “fit for purpose”. Why, as the MOD says they are “suitable”, are there still members of our Armed Forces being killed in them. If they were “suitable” there would have been few, if any, deaths.

Last year, the then Defence Secretary, John Hutton, ruled out a public inquiry into their use and announced plans to spend £700m on new, upgraded vehicles. Let us see if his “unfit for pupose” replacement “slow bob” Ainsworth has any better ideas. We may be waiting some time.

BBC NEWS | UK | Families to sue for forces deaths.

First Snouter officially resigns – Ian Gibson

Ian Gibson has officially resigned by being appointed to be the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the three Chiltern Hundreds of Stoke, Desborough and Burnham.

He is the first snoughter to actually resign, despite the fact that there are much worse troughers than him stil in the Stys of Commons. A by-election in his constituency should be interesting but don’t wait in bated breath for it to happen any time soon as Labour will no doubt delay it as long as possible.

The position of Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds is now used as a procedural device to effect resignation from the House of Commons, as British MPs are not permitted simply to resign their seat. This legal anomaly dates back to a resolution of the House of Commons of 2 March 1624, passed at a time when MPs were often elected to serve against their will.
As an instrument of resignation, the role is usually alternated with that of Steward and Deputy Steward of the Manor of Northstead in Yorkshire. Under the Act of Settlement, any Member of Parliament accepting an office of profit under the Crown must give up his or her seat. An MP applies for the office to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who usually then signs a warrant appointing the now former MP. The Chancellor can in theory deny an application, although the last time this happened was to Viscount Chelsea in 1842. The appointee holds the office until such time as another MP is appointed, or they apply to be released.

David Marshall is the current holder of th Manor of Northstead, he resigned because of “ill health”.

Three Hundreds of Chiltern – HM Treasury