Mountains of Debt

This image should be displayed to all supporters of Labour to get just an idea of what you  have lumbered our country with after 13 years of profligacy.

The trouble with this picture is that

  • It underestimates our debt. It is nearer one trillion, that’s an extra ten percent or 17 times the cuts announced yesterday
  • It ignores the fact that the mountain will continue growing, like an active volcano, for at least the next 7-10 years as we try to get the budget deficit left by Labour under control. The mountain could be 50% larger in 5 years.
  • It ignores all Gordon’s creative accounting and “off-book” deals such as PFI. How much they add is anybody’s guess, mine is about 10-15% or 100-150 billion.
  • It ignores the rather large Public Pensions black hole.

So whilst you regard the image,   just remember that this is just the current peak of the Volcano. It will grow, and depending upon how things go it will either gradually wear away as we get the debt and deficit under control  or it will explode and we will really suffer for Labour and Brown’s 13 years of Profligacy.

Better a wee bit of Austerity now, than complete collapse.

Labour Debt Mountain

indie25may.png (PNG Image, 718×824 pixels).

Labour’s Legacy No 2

Oh what a surprise not only did Labour go on a Shopping Spree at the end of their reign , but they were also advised against it.

BBC has this:

Civil service chiefs lodged formal protests at spending decisions by Labour ministers in the dying months of their rule, the BBC has been told.

It culminated in the “nuclear option” of demanding written – and soon to be published – instructions from their political masters,

Civil service union leader Jonathan Baume said there was dismay at Labour’s “spending spree”.

He was speaking to 5 Live’s Chief Political Correspondent John Pienaar.

How many “Legacies ” are we going to discover and how much more of OUR money have they wasted over and above the Trillion pound debt they left us.

Let us hope that those who did this are publicly humiliated.

BBC News – Officials’ ‘fury at Labour spree’.

Labour’s Legacy No 1

The BBC reports on the state of Inflation.

UK inflation accelerated again in April to hit its highest rate in 17 months, official figures show.

On the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure, inflation hit 3.7% – well above the target of 2% and the highest rate since November 2008.

On the Retail Price Index (RPI) measure, inflation was up to 5.3% from 4.4% recorded last month.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said food prices in particular had seen sharp rises.

Disruption caused by the volcanic ash cloud last month helped push food prices up by 2.6%, the ONS said.

Higher duty on alcohol and cigarettes introduced in April’s Budget added to inflation, it added, and clothes prices also rose.

But the statistics agency said the impact of fuel price rises on inflation had been limited.

I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

BBC News – UK inflation hits 17-month high.

Labour: It’s time to admit that the Deodorant is not Working.

Jeff Randall has a good article in the Telegraph on the work Labour has to do to become electable again.

A few quotes to give you a flavour of the article.

First on the failed Labour Gerrymandering:

Despite its record of fiscal incompetence, constitutional vandalism and disregard for Middle England, Gordon Brown‘s administration ought never to have collapsed. It had, after all, created for itself a client class of supplicant voters. As part of a grand plan for permanent office, more than one million immigrants were handed British passports (80 per cent of first-generation arrivals vote Labour) and 900,000 workers added to the public-sector payroll.

Second the arrival the duo Sqealer:

Together they became Mr Brown’s very own Squealer, the insidious porker in Animal Farm who manipulates language to justify his boss’s tyranny, while limiting debate and confusing the lower orders. In extremis, when awkward questions persist, Squealer fires off statistics to “prove” that life is improving, and warns darkly against the return of the farm’s previous owner.

Third more from Aninal Farm:

Never mind, shame has never been a burden to Mr Brown’s Squealers. On election night, as the exit polls indicated that the prime minister was no more popular or trusted than Michael Foot had been in 1983, his favourite emissaries rushed to the microphones to “interpret” the results. My jaw dropped as I heard Jack Dromey (aka Mr Harperson) claim: “The real losers tonight are the Conservatives.” This was life mimicking art: Orwell’s allegory had become the how-to-cope manual for New Labour’s response unit.

And lastly the bodily health:

How crushing for them to discover that power-hungry rivals see life differently. When the Liberals prefer to get in bed with Conservatives than sleep with New Labour, it’s time to admit that the deodorant is not working.

Having provided first-class travel for 13 years, New Labour’s gravy train has just pulled away, leaving the party’s leaders and apologists stuck on the platform without a ticket. For them, the free ride is over.

via It will take a long time for the new boys to unravel Gordon Brown’s mess – Telegraph.

Voting In Labour’s Third World Country.

Times reports on the scandal of Voting in GE2010:

Thousands of people were deprived of their right to vote last night as polling stations across the country were unable to cope with demand.

Election chiefs told The Times that the widespread failures to deal with high voter turnout may lead to by-elections in the next few weeks, which could be critical to the outcome of the election. The Electoral Commission, the election watchdog, last night announced an investigation into the problems.

An estimated 500 would-be voters were turned away in Nick Clegg’s constituency of Sheffield Hallam as students and local residents descended on the station at St John’s Church in the Ranmoor district of the city.

Another 200 people in Woodseats, a Sheffield suburb five miles away, were told their votes would not count. Police were called to deal with 100 angry people who refused to leave the library where they had hoped to cast their ballot.

Under Labour we have truly become Third World.

Thousands unable to vote as polling stations fail to cope – contains video.

Labour Ineptitude: Cherie Blair on Gordon Brown

The Daily Mail reports that Cherie Blair has managed to put down Gordon Brown rather effectively.

When she was the self-styled First Lady of Downing Street she constantly complained she was not allowed to speak for herself.

But now, Cherie Blair has let slip what we have always known — she’s no fan of Gordon Brown.

It was on the campaign trail in Swindon that she stuck the knife into her old nemesis, just before the real business of the day — when she started selling her memoirs about life at No 10 at the Swindon Festival of Literature.

An enthusiastic local Labour supporter (yes, there are some left) was overheard telling Cherie at the festival that the response to her leafleting on the doorstep in the marginal seat was not good.

‘I’m very worried that Gordon is a liability for us,’ the female supporter said as Mrs Blair signed copies of Speaking For Myself at Swindon’s Wyvern Theatre.

‘Me too,’ came the reply from the mouth which has been likened to a plankton-starved basking shark that has just come off a diet.

‘I fear he may lose us the election,’ replied the young woman supporter. ‘Me too,’ replied Mrs Blair.

So now we’ve heard what at last one member of the Blair household-really thinks. Yet publicly of course both Mr and Mrs Blair have had to deny repeatedly that they believe Brown couldn’t win a goldfish at a fairground, let alone a General Election.

It’s why there was a short, awkward silence after Cherie’s reply. Then realising the gaffe, she tried to clarify her remarks.

‘But of course it’s not just about personality, it’s about policies and that’s why we should all support Labour,’ she said.

Such touching loyalty to Labour from a woman who has traversed the globe making a fortune, often simply because she was married to the party’s last leader.

GENERAL ELECTION 2010: Now Cherie Blair puts a knife into Gordon Brown | Mail Online.

Labour in 2010: Bereft of conviction, vision and energy

The Telegraph on why it supports the Conservatives. A really good read:

Starts as follows:

The sense that the 2010 general election campaign marks the ending of an era was captured perfectly yesterday by two of Gordon Brown’s closest allies, Ed Balls and Peter Hain. Both urged the public to vote not for Labour but for the Liberal Democrats if it would help to keep the Conservatives out. It is entirely in character for Labour, staring defeat in the face, to resort to such cynical tactics; it is of a piece with a campaign strategy that has relied largely on scare-mongering and threat. Bereft of conviction, vision and energy, the governing party has finally run out of road.

Read more here.

Time for Change, Vote for Change, Vote Conservative on May 6th.

General Election 2010: Now is the time for character – Telegraph.

Labour PPC attacks Brown as “worst Prime Minister we’ve had”

Manish Sood, the Labour party’s candidate in North West Norfolk has described Brown as the

“worst Prime Minister we have had”.

He told the Lynn Newspaper:

Immigration has gone up which is creating friction within communities. The country is getting bigger and messier. The role of ministers has gone bureaucratic and the action of ministers has gone downhill – it is corrupt. The loss of social values is the basic problem and this is not what the Labour Party is about.

I believe Gordon Brown has been the worst Prime Minister we have had in this country. It is a disgrace and he owes an apology to the people and the Queen.

Well if Labour’s own party members acknowledge what the public has been thinking for years, then perhaps there is hope they might fight off the Lib Dems, unless of course they, in desperation, vote for them.

Time for Change, Vote for Change, Vote Conservative on May 6th.

New Statesman – Labour PPC attacks Brown as “worst Prime Minister we’ve had”.

In misfortune, Gordon Brown’s cheerfulness is profoundly sad | Politics | The Guardian

Gordon About to Slobber

The title of the story tells the story. David Hare writing in the Guardian has this to say:

Gordon Brown‘s grave was dug many months ago but for some reason – who knows why? – he’s refusing to jump in. On a freezing Bank Holiday Monday, just before the prime minister appeared at a rain-lashed Ipswich marina, the weather cleared up and the sun came out. It’s such a long time since Doctor Brown had even a whiff of good luck that you wondered whether he’d recognize it when it came along.

Oh dear such fulsome praise for our soon-to-be former PM. he continues with this:

In person – and this was the first time I’d seen him in 20 years – Brown’s flesh appears weirdly neon-lit and his hair is snow-dusted in a way appropriate to a man named World Statesman of the Year by the Appeal of Conscience Foundation in 2009.

Oops surely it will get better for the soon-to-be ex-leader of Labour. No sorry it continues:

A room packed only with hand-picked Labour supporters was never likely to prove much of a challenge, but questions like: “What do you regard as Labour’s greatest achievements?” were sycophantic beyond the call of compassion. However, Brown’s mood was sincerely upbeat – “I am fighting for my life”, he said – and his language attractively formal – “What have I got to report to you?”

Gosh, surely he must have something good to say about our soon to be ex-leader. Nope it continues:

A weird and silly day, but at its centre a man who, in misfortune, exerts a real fascination. You can interpret the prime minister’s good spirits either as the fatalism which comes when you know the game is up, or as the confidence of someone who believes he knows something we don’t.

Either way, my mind went to Chekhov. I have never seen anyone in whom cheerfulness is so profoundly sad.

Never mind I’m sure the Guardian will say something good about him soon. Perhaps on Friday when he is an ex-resident of No10.

In misfortune, Gordon Brown’s cheerfulness is profoundly sad | Politics | The Guardian.