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Silvio Berlusconi has been overheard referring to the German leader, Angela Merkel, as an 'unfuckable lard-arse'
Silvio Berlusconi has been overheard referring to the German leader, Angela Merkel, as an 'unfuckable lard-arse'

That’s what the Independent said.  The caption was captured below.

Silvio Berlusconi has been overheard referring to the German leader, Angela Merkel, as an 'unfuckable lard-arse'

May not remain there for too long


Merkel undermined by outspoken MPs – Europe, World – The Independent.

Psychologically Flawed? That Doesn’t come Close.

Brown's Reign of Terror at Downing Street

The Independent’s Front story will not make Gordon Brown feel good today.

Andrew Grice has this to say. I’m sure more will be out soon.

Psychologically Flawed

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Brown Flu Anyone?

It had been a great sigh, a long, heartfelt sigh that asked the most important question of Prime Minister?s Questions: "Why don?t people understand what I?ve done for them?"

Simon Carr has a sketch in the Independent today asking if Party Support is draining away from Gordon Brown. In it he has this to say

It’s not so much a premiership as a medical condition. The poor fellow is sick. Look at him, he’s ill. It’s a self-inflicted illness but nonetheless deserving of sympathy.

Can’t agree with the sympathy but the rest of it is correct.  Simon then has this to say about PMQ’s

His young, dancing opponent said things that must have hurt. They were hurtful because they were true. The post strike. Why had the PM abandoned plans for privatising the post office? It had been a much-trumpeted commitment to save the thing. Failing to bring the Bill to the House was “an appalling display of weakness”.

A fairly straight-forward question but met with the normal bluster and tractor statistics  that is our PM. He can’t attack the actual question which is Brown’s weakness and dithering stance on important subjects.

Carr then gets to the heart of his subject with this paragraph.

And there was the claim that the Bill hadn’t been brought to the House because there was no commercial buyer for the service. This was “nonsense”. The PM hadn’t stopped the Bill because he couldn’t sell the post office to the private sector. No, Cameron said. It was because he couldn’t sell it to his backbenchers. Oo, that went home. If the PM isn’t depressed he is certainly the cause of depression in others. The mood among his party slumped. The Tory leader had said something everyone agreed with.

This is Brown’s illness, the Flu for which there is no vaccine, not even the “jag” of Peter Mandelson, not even his backbenchers now believe in him.

There is no magic sponge, and certainly no super-sub waiting in the wings of Labour, instead it is just time for a change. Time for us to again to be a healthy nation with the Conservatives.

Simon Carr: Is Party support draining from a deflated PM? – Simon Carr, Commentators – The Independent.

Guardian Monkeyed

Guido reports:

Seen that story everywhere about the Mayor of Baltimore condemning Chris Grayling for his referencing of The Wire?

Alex Hilton (also known as Recess Monkey) set up a fake site. The fake press release was riddled with clues – the British spelling, the jokey references and of course the copyright notice at the bottom (R Monkee Esq).

The Guardian, Indy and the Labour blogosphere lapped it up without checking their sources.

Perhaps the clue was in the Website source that said the following

OK, so I'm just having a bit of fun at Chris Grayling's expense.
Sitting in the office on a hot August afternoon, I was fantasising
that I was Mayor of Baltimore and how annoyed I would be.
I hope you very quickly picked up that this was a spoof.
Didn't mean to break any laws or ethical mores - please don't
extradite me if I have unwittingly done so. Hope you appreciate the
humour, Alex Hilton, - 07985 384 859

Brings a new meaning to check your sources!

Hat Tip to Guido

Baltimore’s mayor rebukes Tory Chris Grayling over Wire remark | Politics | The Guardian.