Labour Hypocrisy: Harriet Harman says David Cameron is spoiled and arrogant

Oh dear the sheer hypocrisy of Harman:

In a highly personal attack, Miss Harman said that the Conservative leader had been “spoiled” having “pots of money,” and accused him of being “arrogant”.

Despite being privately educated herself, and a niece by marriage of Lord Longford, the aristocratic social reformer, she added that while sitting beside Gordon Brown in the House of Commons she was often struck by Mr Cameron’s “sense of entitlement”.

At least they could get someone a little less upper class to do the attack, then you might think they were somewhere close to making a point.

General Election 2010: Harriet Harman says David Cameron is spoiled and arrogant – Telegraph.

Unite receive £18 million in ‘money-laundering’ deal with Labour

Dodgy Geezer?

So now see how Labour get their money by Money-Laundering our money via Unite. Staggering and yet the BBC drones on about Ashcroft. The only people who care about Ashcroft, who donates less than 1% of Conservative money, is the BBC and Guardian readers, strange conincidence that.

The Telegraph has this.

The union behind the British Airways strike has received £18million from taxpayers under Labour,

Unite, and the two unions that formed it, received the public money under two little-known funds to improve management and training for its members.

It has been the biggest beneficiary of one of the schemes, the Union Modernisation Fund, and received a sixth of all the money given out under the Union Learning Fund.

Read more at the link below.

Union behind BA strike receives £18m from taxpayers in ‘money-laundering’ deal with Labour – Telegraph.

Quote of the Day: Graham Stuart MP on Lord Paul

Do listen to this

Imagine a Tory donor who’d bought a company, run its pension fund into the ground, bought the assets back for pennies in the pound, who became a privy counsellor even though he wasn’t qualified while personally funding the leader’s leadership bid – they (sic) would be a massive story and yet somehow the BBC runs day after day on Lord Ashcroft, who as far as I can see has done nothing wrong, and gives Labour an easy ride. It takes me back to the tales we had of the champagne bottles in 1997 and I’m afraid the BBC remains biased and fails to ask the proper questions of those who are currently in power.

Source HERE (scroll in 12 mins)

Iain Dale’s Diary: Quote of the Day: Graham Stuart MP on Lord Paul.

Forces of Hell Member still United with Brown

The Telegraph and indeed News of the World have articles on the extent of which Unite and Charlie Whelan are bankrolling the Labour Party. The Telegraph has this:

Unite is said to wield great influence over Gordon Brown and the Government’s policies in return for financial support and the votes of its two million members.

Ministers echoed the union’s opposition to Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury, but stayed silent over Unite’s threat to cause travel misery through a strike of British Airways cabin crew.

The union’s political director, Charlie Whelan, is acting as an official aide to Gordon Brown having previously worked as his special adviser, and is expected to be given a formal role in the forthcoming general election campaign.

Eric Pickles, the Conservative Party chairman, said:

“It’s quite clear that Charlie Whelan and his cronies are taking over the Labour party.

“Gordon Brown’s subservience to union barons and their militant tendencies means Labour are incapable of making the right decisions for the country.

“It’s disgraceful that Labour are quite happy to take £10 million from Unite, the union masterminding the BA strikes and ask no questions.”

Unite has given Labour £10.78m in cash donations and a further £287,023 in benefits such as the use of premises and printing since it was formed in 2007, through a merger of the Transport & General Workers Union and Amicus.

Electoral Commission records show that in the last three months of 2009 alone, Unite made donations worth almost £880,000 to Labour, including local constituencies in marginal seats as well as the national party.

According to the Telegraph Unite and Charlie Whelan are using American style election techniques to target voters they know may be Labour voters and firm them up by:

..registering with its website,, union activists can gain access to the home and mobile telephone numbers of other members and are encouraged to call them up.

The website states: “Last week we launched the constituency phone bank which enables you to call Unite members in the marginal seats we are supporting. Now we are asking for your help to call our members in these seats every week in our ‘Talk Thursdays’.”

Mr Whelan wrote on the website: “I’d urge all Unite members to visit Unite4Labour, register for the member only section and talk to your colleagues about the threat to jobs, skills, schools, hospitals and local services that the Tory spending cuts will mean.”

So here we have one of Brown’s “Forces from Hell” using his position in a union to help his old Boss. Whelan is also accused by some in the Labour party of stitching up safe Labour seats fro some of his Labour cronies. The sheer hypocrisy of Labour is beyond a joke.

Britain’s biggest union ‘takes over’ Labour after £11m donations – Telegraph.

Equality Harriet Harman Style

Harriet Harman
Harriet Harman

The obvious hypocrisy of Ms Harman is evident in this little story:

Harriet Harman is being investigated by police after allegedly leaving the scene of an accident in which she drove into a parked car while talking on her mobile phone.

Ms Harman, Labour’s deputy leader, is said to have stopped briefly after the crash, but witnesses say she drove off without leaving her insurance or registration details – an offence carrying a possible six-month jail term.

When a witness approached her car, the MP is said to have wound down her window and said simply: ‘I’m Harriet Harman – you know where you can get hold of me.’

According to police sources, Ms Harman is being investigated for driving without due care and attention, driving while illegally using a mobile phone and failing to stop after an accident, the most serious of the three offences.

Police sources told The Mail on Sunday she was due to be questioned early last week, but this was delayed because of the Labour conference.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘We are in the process of taking statements from all the parties concerned. No injuries were reported and inquiries continue.’

‘I’m Harriet Harman – you know where you can get me…’ What Minister allegedly told witness after crashing into parked car | Mail Online.

Bob Ainsworth: Woolies has closed and M&S don’t stock it

According to the Guardian Bob Ainsworth  says soldiers’ kit

‘does not come from Marks and Spencer’

and that Britain will only send more troops to Afghanistan if the government can ensure that they will be properly equipped.  I’d like to bet that M&S could procure equipment quicker, cheaper and better than the MOD!

In the  interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he also said that it was difficult for the Ministry of Defence to supply it and that

“We cannot send people out there ahead of vital equipment,”

You have to ask what his reason was for sending troops out previously when they didn’t have vital equipment.

Ainsworth will be addressing the remnants of the Labour Conference this morning on Defence. As usual Labour’s priorities see this being scheduled at the arse-end of the conference when everyone is already going home and the Sun has set giving a gloomy cast to the faithful.

UK will only send more troops to Afghanistan ‘if properly equipped’

Why is Policy being Announced at the Labour Party Conference

This should be announced in the House of Commons not at a beach side town in front of selected lapdogs.

The UK’s car scrappage scheme is to be extended, Lord Mandelson has announced.

He said the scheme, which started in May and gives consumers £2,000 off a new car if they trade in one at least 10 years old, was running out of money.

The business secretary broke the news, called for by the car industry, in his speech to the Labour Party conference.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Scrappage scheme to be extended.

Alastair Campbell’s old Trout

On Alastair Campbell’s blog we have this piece he has written for the Sunday Mail here in Scotland. It was entitled “Here goes with the Smoked Salmond”, but is instead another of his huge chippie articles on the Tories and his favourite old Trout Margaret Thatcher.

Campbell first explains how Scots can help David Cameron win and that is as follows

And for Scots, there are at least two ways of helping bring it about, and deliver as leader of the UK the most untried, untested, under-scrutinised Prime Minister in history. The most obvious is by voting Tory. Another is by voting SNP.

Thanks for that tip Alastair, but we already know and want that.  Anyway we can get rid of Labour as a party of power in Scotland is a good way, God help me but I might even vote Lib Dem (joke!) if  I thought it would help keep Labour out!

But then Alastair comes onto his real thoughts  for why Salmond might want David Cameron in power

So why would Salmond prefer Cameron? Because when it comes to the argument for independence, it will be easier made against a very English, very right-wing, very elitist leader of a very English, very right-wing, very elitist government which has shown precious little interest in Scotland. Indeed, so far as Scotland’s relations with the Tories are concerned they are still defined as much by Thatcher as by Cameron.

It’s resurrection time, time to pull out the ghost of the old trout  Thatcher as a warning to all us recalcitrant Scots who might dare to oppose him and vote SNP or the devil herself Thatcher disguised somehow as David Cameron. It’s time for him to point out how those nasty Tories are all upper-class English Twits who are not  fit to lace his so working class boots.

Campbell can’t resist having a poke at Salmond

As with Cameron, Salmond does the style stuff better than the substance stuff.

Unfortunately from Campbell this is praise of the highest order!

Nowhere in the article does it have a positive reason for voting Labour. All in all a very bad  attempt to help his poor belaboured party in Scotland.

Here Goes with the Smoked Salmond

Iain Dale’s Diary: Helicopters: The True Story

Iain Dale has this letter from a former RAF pilot. Iain says:

There has been a lot of hot air this week about helicopters and the armed forces. I have received an email from an authoritative source who outlines the current position. I thought you might be interested in its contents. The author has given me permission to use his name, but I am not going to in case he suffers any consequences. He served in the RAF for ten years and was involved intimately in the Chinook reversion programme.

This is about the first post Iain has done on Afghanistan in ages.

The letter is also here on the Douglas Carswell blog and was posted as a comment yesterday by a Lee Hannaford, who if he is this man should know a bit about helicopters.

It starts as below,  to see more go to the link.

Hi Iain

Having listened over the last couple of days to the arguments that have been taking place in the commons I thought I would bring some things that you may or may not know to your attention in relation to the state of the rotary lift capacity of the MoD.

The eight Chinook Mk3 special forces helicopters purchased in 1996 will potentially cost £363 Million when (if) they become operational. The Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Defence and the PUS for Defence Procurement stated that some of these helicopters will be available at the end of the year. ZH*** has just entered the beginning of flight trials. Aircraft 2-8 are in various states of reversion and aircraft 8 has been cannibalised to such an extent that it is very unlikely that it will ever become operational. The likelihood of any of these aircraft being ready and available for operations this year is very slim. The aircrews have to be trained and flight certified, the ground crews have to be trained and certified. The aircraft has to be released as fit to fly and has to be retrofitted with the required DAS equipment that is still in trial at ******* **** to get it to theatre entry standard.

The UAE offered to buy the aircraft off the MoD.

You can buy a CH-47D which is the US standard Chinook or what we call the Mk2a for £20 Million

Iain Dale’s Diary: Helicopters: The True Story.

Helicopter ER-MCV – Pecotox owned, Nato Contracted – It’s role?

ER-MCV at Lashkar Gar
ER-MCV at Lashkar Gar

Some digging around has established a couple of things about the above helicopter and the firm that runs its.

First the company Pecotox has a number of issues concerning it’s shady history particularly its operations history in the Congo and where it got some of it’s fleet. Nice to see that Nato can pick on a suitable company to hire assets from. Obviously they were the ones that came in cheapest, especially since they were/are banned from EU airspace.

The company name  Artic Group Ltd on the side of the helicopter also seems to have dodgy connections to do with arms brokering and perhaps other types of activity’s. The website for TransArms, the Research center for the Logistics of Arms Transfers has this to say on it’s mission page about an aircraft run by Artic Group Ltd:

This Ilyushin 76-T, registration number ER-IBV (formerly RA-76521), manufacturing number 3423699, belonging to Artic Group Ltd and operated by Jet Line International and Aerocom, was variously used between 2003 and 2005 by the U.K. Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Department of Defense for operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq. Jet Line International’s aircraft have been frequent visitors of airports in Africa Great Lakes region, as well as Ostend, Maastricht, Prague-Ruzyne, Bratislava, and Tiraspol (in the separatist Moldovan region of Transnistria

Now that’s a strange list of places that this aircraft went to. I wonder what it was doing?

Second the role of the helicopter in Afghanistan appears to be rather much of a mystery. From my previous entry we learnt that:

Tokorenko (the owner of the helicopter)  said. According to cited source, the helicopter was not hit by a missile as said earlier, but by a grenade launcher. “The helicopter transported food and water that the crew had to throw to the population of Sangin city, Helmand province. The helicopter was hit when the crew was going to detach the food and water in order to send it to the ground. The grenade hit the rotor and as a result the aircraft lost the power and crushed”, added the cited source.

Now if we look at the photograph above we see ER-MCV at Lashkar Gar HLS. And it looks like it has been taking on supplies from British Forces. I found one comment on one of the forums that indicated that it was being used to supply the FOB’s but no other confirmation. What is completely unlikely is that Nato or the company would allow the helicopter to deliver Food and Water to civilians in the manner described using this helicopter. It is completely illogical and just downright dangerous.This type of aircraft is not suited for this type of mission.

What is more likely is that the aircraft was coming into Sangin and was targeted by the Taliban. It being a civilian aircraft it would have minimal protection from even small arms fire and certainly from what is described as a grenade launcher.  There are reports that the Taliban claimed to have shot down a Chinook in the area and if they had done this it would have been a huge propaganda victory as well as a setback for the allied forces.

I am still worried that with the lack of helicopters available inside Afghanistan that this helicopter could have been used to transport Troops and wonder if this is why the government has apparently tried to stop discussion on this aircraft in the papers. It is a death trap for any combat situation and could have resulted in huge loss of life.

We may hear of more developments over the next few days.

This Ilyushin 76-T, registration number ER-IBV (formerly RA-76521), manufacturing number 3423699, belonging to Artic Group Ltd and operated by Jet Line International and Aerocom, was variously used between 2003 and 2005 by the U.K. Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Department of Defense for operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq. Jet Line International’s aircraft have been frequent visitors of airports in Africa Great Lakes region, as well as Ostend, Maastricht, Prague-Ruzyne, Bratislava, and Tiraspol (in the separatist Moldovan region of Transnistria