F******* Beak

F******* Beak


Swearing at police is not a crime because officers hear foul language “too frequently” to be offended, a judge has ruled.

Well then let me tell this judge that he is f****** wrong. As Caroline Flint put it

Judge allows appeal on grounds ok to abuse police with f word as it is part of normal banter. If true will this be allowed in courtrooms?

Nobody in the course of their job should have to put up with that sort of behaviour.

Swearing at police is not a crime, judge rules – Telegraph.

Labour Democracy: Postal Vote Fraud

This is how democracy has been broken by Labour in the UK. Voters intimidated, Press beaten up,  you name it, it is going on.

Abuse of the Postal Vote system is now widespread and is now affecting our democratic process. It is time to rollback Postal Voting to those who really require it beacuse of diability, infirmity or work-related absence.

The willy-nilly use of Postal Voting not only allows these sort of illegalities but also means that any chance of a Secret Ballot is removed from many voters.

We have now  become a third world nation under the  Labour Government and we have  allowed our voting system to become third rate as well.

‘The first punch came, landing on my nose, sending blood down my face’ – UK Politics, UK – The Independent.

True scale of Brownies on violent crime rise revealed

In a major speech on crime last week, Mr Brown said:

“Crime is falling. Fact. Down by more than a third since 1997. Fact. That’s 6 million fewer crimes each year. Fact. Almost 1 million fewer homes burgled. Fact. Almost 1 and a half million fewer violent crimes. Fact.”

Trouble is according to a study, by the independent House of Commons Library, shows violence against the person increased from 618,417 in 1998 to 887,942 last year.

David Green, criminologist and director of Civitas, said the Government had a reputation for

“scheming and manipulation”, adding: “I think the Government knew perfectly well in 2002/03 that it would be very helpful to say ‘sorry we cannot go back beyond this date’ because they did not want a consistent historical series.”

Mr Green, who was a member of a Home Office Crime Statistics Review Group, which in 2006 recommended improvements in the collection of the crime figures, added:

“It is very revealing and fits intuitively with what many people feel and what many people have been saying, if anecdotal.

“For people to feel that violent crime is going up and to be told they are suffering from moral panic has always been of some concern.”

Yet more money that Labour have invested in the Police has been wasted on filling in forms and meeting targets that are meaningless and just reduce the time available for front-line policing.

Yet more Brownies or to call them what they really are , Lies, from our Prime Minister. He has caused Broken Britain.

Vote For Change.

True scale of violent crime rise revealed – Telegraph.

Gagging the Forces- Britain under Gordon Brown

Can't have them saying this to the British Public. I know I'll just censor it all - Labour bringing you Broken Briatin

The Telegraph tells us The Ministry of Defence has been accused of ordering a “truth blackout” over the war in Afghanistan amid warnings it is attempting to “bury bad news” during the election campaign.

British journalists and TV crews are to be banned from the Afghan front line once a date for the election has been set, while senior officers will be prohibited from making public speeches and talking to reporters.

MoD websites will also be “cleansed” of any “non-factual” material including anything containing troops’ opinions of the war, according to a memo leaked to The Daily Telegraph.

Thankfully there is a free world out there and we can look to other countries and other countries reporters for the real facts. I would suggest reading Michael Yon and subscribing to to his Facebook and Twitter Feeds.

Some Quotes from the article

“Given the recent visit of the Prime Minister, this is a bad joke,” he said. “There is clearly one rule for Gordon Brown, when he wants to use the armed forces as political props, and another for reporters who want to tell the public what is being done in their name.

“It’s a truth blackout. Nothing, especially the truth, is to stand in the way in Brown’s election. Our armed forces can fight and die, but not write or speak. Any critics of the Government are to be banned from having any contact with the press. This is the grotesque endgame of New Labour. They want to bury bad news and bury the truth.”

Colonel Douglas Young, chairman of the British Armed Forces Federation, expressed “surprise” at the decision.

“It didn’t happen in 1945 – there was no question of limiting reporting at that time simply because an election was happening and I don’t see why there should be any questions of that now. Are we to stop operations during this period? Obviously not, and if operations are in process they should be reported upon in the normal way.

“It is ridiculous to expect the forces to be hiding away just because there’s a general election.”

Cdr John Muxworthy, chief executive of the UK National Defence Association, said: “To put a situation in place where the press is effectively going to be gagged, so it is not going to possible for people to see the real news from the front line, is incredible.

“Afghanistan is not a political issue – it’s a matter of national importance,” he added.

Col Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, said: “It is wrong to gag the media, which is what this is. This is a critical campaign and the public have a right to be told what is happening.

“It is also wrong to prevent senior officers speaking.”

You have been warned Labour has Broken Britain

Vote for Change.

Army faces Afghan gag for election – Telegraph.

When this happens in Rural Scotland we have a “Broken Britain”

The local news and radio is full of this story about the attack and serious injury of a 27 year old disabled man. Now maybe in the cities and towns of Britain this is par for the course but up here in rural Aberdeenshire this is extraordinary and a sign that we are living in a society that is broken.

Maud, is these days, a sleepy little village, it used to be a lot busier but the railways closed and the Cattle Mart is now derelict. So now the only source of employment is farming or out to the big towns. I pass through it occasionally on my way to other places and haven’t stopped since I bought my car there some 6 years ago. My family lived around here back in the middle of the 1800’s farming. It’s the kind of place where you can still  leave your doors open and nobody will steal anything

So when an attack happens on a disabled person here it is a big shock, that the person attacked should be disabled makes it a huge shock. The cowards who perpetrated this attack then stole their victims car, Bastards.

What can I say. Just that it  all points to the fact that we are living in a Broken Britain and it’s Time for Change. We must get rid of this tired, corrupt,  indecisive and discredited government.  We need a strong and firm government that can make the decisions that can fix Britain and bring us back to the nation we were.

Time for Change.

The BBC has this

A serious attack on a disabled man in his Aberdeenshire home has been branded “particularly nasty and cowardly”.

The 27-year-old victim was left in hospital with head injuries after the incident in Maud’s John Morrison Crescent on Saturday into Sunday.

His grey Volkswagen Golf, registration SY08 YHB, was also taken and was later found crashed.

Grampian Police Det Sgt Kevin Goldie appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

BBC News – Disabled man’s attackers hunted.