Labour Lies – Brown’s Hypocrisy on Immigration.

As usual Gordon Brown reveals his stunning hypocrisy within  seconds of saying we need a “fair” immigration system.

As the BBC says first of all:

Gordon Brown is to urge all parties to show a “united front” against those opposing immigration out of prejudice.

In a speech in London, the PM will say it is right for politicians to talk about the issue and address people’s concerns about immigration levels.

But almost immediately he says

debate must be measured and talk that immigration is “out of control” plays into extremists’ hands.

So as usual Gordon is trying to make sure all we do is talk about Immigration from his point of view rather than having a frank and open discussion.

Trying to keep a lid on the fact that Immigration is one of the top two concerns for the British people will only cause the pressure to boil over and cause more problems than we already have.

This is just so typical of Brown’s meddling interference. He needs to learn that all of the people have to be allowed to have their say before we can sort out this type of issue. You may not agree with all that is said but in a free society we need to argue the case rather than repress the arguments.

BBC News – Brown to focus on ‘fair’ immigration system in speech.

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