Labour Lies – Martin Linton and Gerald Kaufman say Israel’s tentacles will steal the election

As usual you can expect the lies to come from the Labour Party as Martin Linton the Labour MP for Battersea had the following to say:

Martin Linton, chair of Labour Friends of Palestine, told a meeting at the House of Commons held by the Palestine Solidarity

Campaign and Friends of al-Aqsa:

“There are long tentacles of Israel in this country who are funding election campaigns and putting money into the British political system for their own ends.

“You must consider over the next few weeks, when you make decisions about how you vote and how you advise constituents to vote, you must make them aware of the attempt by Israelis and by pro-Israelis to influence the election.”

His fellow Labour MP Gerald Kaufman had this to say:

The veteran Jewish anti-Zionist MP Sir Gerald Kaufman suggested wealthy members of the community would play a role similar to that of Tory “non-dom” peer Michael Ashcroft.

Just as Lord Ashcroft owns most of the Conservative Party, right-wing Jewish millionaires own the rest,” .

Community Security Trust spokesman Mark Gardner said:

“Anybody who understands antisemitism will recognise just how ugly and objectionable these quotes are, with their imagery of Jewish control and money power. Ask the average voter who had made these comments, and they would most likely answer that it was the BNP, not a pair of Labour MPs.”

The Labour party tries to parade itself as inclusive but as always simmering under the surface are the petty bigots and racists.

H/T to Pickled Politics who highlighted this on his blog and on Twitter.

MP: Israel’s tentacles will steal the election | The Jewish Chronicle.

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